Near and Far - EP

by Michael Henchman

Released 2015
Pulse Nine Music
Released 2015
Pulse Nine Music
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Featuring mostly-acoustic progressive folk, further along roads less traveled.
Michael Henchman's latest EP recording is a mostly-acoustic project, continuing to explore characters finding their way along wayward paths.... the sweetness of finally coming home; being free yet not free of love; hard times on the prairie; stepping into a larger life after loss of a parent. He paints both the tangible and the elusive - what is perceived directly and what is laid across a wider cinematic landscape - in his ongoing fascination with wide open spaces and how the heart becomes entangled by time and distance; with what is both near and far.

"It is often in quieter places that what is true and real becomes more apparent; one can feel the unbroken connection to the pulse of life, " he says. "For those of us who write, ponder, seek the Muse, and write some more, it is a formative wellspring."

Michael lived in central Alaska for many years before recently migrating to the music circles of Portland, Oregon. The open spaces, pure wilderness and wide seasonal swings farther north, together with travel across the U.S. and Europe as a child, crystallized this sense of what is often felt even more than is seen; what is revealed on journeys along roads less traveled.

"His intimate sound is colored by his own powerful observations about life in general. Highly original... catchy musical expression and craftsmanship that transcends pigeonholing... a fresh sound."
- Indie Artists Alliance


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