40 Miles From Midnight

by Michael Henchman

Released 01/20/2014
Pulse Nine Music
Released 01/20/2014
Pulse Nine Music
Rousing anthems, bittersweet ballads, and stories of wandering roads less traveled. Acoustic and electric folk meets Americana, in a diverse yet cohesive collection of songs.
“...I’m 40 miles from midnight
And a million more from clear sight --
No sign of slowin' down...”

Recorded in Portland, Oregon, and co-produced with Rob Stroup (Rob Stroup and the Blame). Formerly living for many years in central Alaska, Michael Henchman's poignant songwriting reflects an earnest study of roads less traveled, both symbolic and real. Life in the north and proximity to wilderness and beauty, along with his travels since childhood, inspired a deep-seated, intangible fascination with the mystery of far horizons and a sense of personal and spiritual freedom. The title track of the album asks the question, "When you gonna stop your runnin'?" The answer is found in a collection of solid Folk-tinged Americana gems, forming a cast of quintessentially American characters: orphans and outlaws, wanderers and westerners, the homeless and the heartbroken, and those who hope to find love against all odds.


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