1. Circle Back

From the recording 40 Miles from Midnight



He steps onto the platform
Wipes at tired eyes
Rails chasing darkness
Rain shines up pale night
Picks up his bag and heads across
Empty parking lot
Steps into a waiting cab
Hears that lonesome train pull out

Circle back, circle back
Life has a way of comin’ ‘round

It ain’t easy comin’ home
When you been away so long
Friends are lost or disappeared
Kids grown and gone
Leavin’ it all behind again
He takes a final stand
Hopin’ to find a little faith
Make sense of a jumbled map

Circle back, circle back
Life has a way of comin’ ‘round
Circle back, circle back
Blessing in disguise when you are found


Scent from all those linden trees
Something in him starts to move
Like morning fog slippin’ off long hills
There’s nothing left to prove
Nothing left to prove
Nothing left to lose

Mercantile wears an old gray coat
Wooden fans still turn
Screen door flees its hinges
He walks a little further
Can’t recall the name
Of a somehow familiar face
Memory’s a funny thing
Just won’t hold its place


Circle back
Comin’ back around
Circle back

©2013  Michael Henchman