1. Fireflies

From the recording 40 Miles from Midnight



On coattails of spring
Fields breathing green
Sleepy day slowly unwinds
Two hearts will soon believe
More than just chance it seems
Perhaps the Fates improvise

Gentle smile and steady gaze
Felt like my home place
Taken by complete surprise

We were fireflies
Blazing a path toward one another
We were fireflies
Flying across gold spun summer
Lighting… lighting up the sky

Rustling sheets
Quiet sound so sweet
As you turn to look in my eyes
Tear on your cheek
And I cannot speak
No need for words to imply

Like cool water in a brook
This love that we took
With lightness in being so alive



Now years go by
We’re still side by side
Never lost fond memories
Bright season so fine
That impossible time
When love arose patiently

Melody rings true
Always with you
This song has no goodbyes


© 2013 Michael Henchman