1. Heartland

From the recording 40 Miles from Midnight



Pulled into a Triple-A motel
It's nineteen sixty-two
Pool outside with a chain link fence
Painted aqua blue
There's a drawer in the nightstand
Gideon’s bible waiting there
Small welcome for a stranger
That someone placed with care

'Cause in that age there was a welcome mat
Every where you went
People smiled and shook your hand
And talked about good sense
Maybe it was a post-war time
We were tired of the strain
Picked ourselves up, put it behind
Found the will to live again

There is coffee at the office
It’s morning bright and true
Pack the car for another day
Soon I’m driving through
Birds up on singing wires
Echo melodies in their wings
Saint Christopher on my dashboard
With a prayer that he brings


Through all the roads that I've been down
I think about that time
Chasing back blue highways
Wondering what I’d find

Warm wind stirs the wheat grass
Waves move like water
Rolling towards a golden shore
Out across forever
And it's sunny in the heartland
Memories that we keep
Next horizon is just beyond
This one that we can see

And it's sunny in the heartland
Yes, it’s sunny in the heartland

©2013 Michael Henchman