1. Isn't It Time?

From the recording 40 Miles from Midnight


He’s been sleepin’ on the sidewalk
With a ravaged mind and a heavy heart
How’d he ever come to this?
How does anyone fall so far?

Hardly remembers his life before
Sometimes lives in a broken down car
Dreams of a child if he dreams at all
And he wishes on a star

How do we forget them and go on about our way?
How do we forsake them and live with that every day?
Isn’t it time to show them we’re all one family?
Isn’t it time to hold them in our hearts and set them free?

He stands on a corner while cars go by
Cardboard sign is fallin’ apart
Bad place to be ‘cause no one stops
Traffic is just too hard

Someone yells “Why don’t ya get a job?”
He’d sure love that, but how to start?
No one hires a broken down man
Reelin’ from the scars



It’s raining now, his skin is soaked
Barrel fire don’t keep him warm
He lives out on the edge of night
So far from comin’ home


©2013 Michael Henchman