1. Motel Dog

From the recording 40 Miles from Midnight



He’s been scratching at back doors,
trying to make a living
Sleeping on any old couch
Been out in the weeds,
just a little bit of sinning
Walkin’ with that kind of slouch
He’s tough as nails, got a nasty bark
Watch out for that bite
Take off your hand, hold it out too far
Then he’s gone from sight

Motel dog, where you been running?
Motel dog, what you been hunting?
Motel dog, who you been gunning?
As you slip away

Out on his own in cactus and sand
Wind sweeps over the curb
Eats whatever’s left from the frying pan
His life’s always been a blur
Marks the fencepost wherever he goes
Nobody calls him friend
Doesn’t really care about the seeds he sows
Got nothing to defend



Never gonna change, that’s the way he is
Never took to a leash, that’s not for him
Sooner or later, young dogs get old
But right now he’s got it cold

Struts the boardwalk, gleam in his eye
Picks his teeth with a broken glass
Spooky look when you walk by
Best to avoid his glance

[chorus 2x]

©2013 Michael Henchman