1. Seven Winds

From the recording 40 Miles from Midnight



The other day I saw a hearse pulling a U-Haul
Laughed so hard, now there’s a test of faith
How could life ever have such fallout?
How do we lose our sense of place?

Been a hard time waiting for summer
Bridge got burned and cables went slack
Sea change hit me like no other
This tumbleweed out on the flats

I never thought to ask the seven winds
Just where it is that I’m going
I never thought to ask the seven winds
About so much that tried to own me Seven winds, seven winds
I never asked the seven winds

Got my divining rod and water pail
Used to dance with my own shadow
Clouds hold back pearl drops of rain
Watching now for that last black crow

Lessons learned come often hard
Stumbling through a looking glass
Running past those boundary marks
Translation lost amid the outback


Stony hill cuts a slant on the horizon
Knife blade drawn across red sky
Separating angels from demons
Bleeds the colors we deny


Seven winds, seven winds

© 2013 Michael Henchman