From the recording Near and Far - EP



On Gillam Lane, in his old hometown
He tried new wheels for the first time
Stood on the curb, put his foot down
Waited for a wind from behind

Ten houses away, road ran out
Turned into a field like flaxen hair
In the middle, big farmhouse
Never really knew who lived there

It’s the world now
Reachin’ out for bigger things
But that little boy still tries new wheels
Pushin’ hard to make it go
Tryin’ to keep his balance by feel

Sidewalk chalk, blue hopscotch
Jumpin’ through squares, one to ten
If you miss, take a walk
‘Til your turn comes back ‘round again

Dry up your tears, she always said
OK to cry at first, then be done
Got to get back up, you ain’t dead
Always remember, you’re not the only one



Chalk and wheels, simple truth
Learn to find a place in this world
Slip past your lines, see it through
Rollin’ on ahead, straight and sure


Tryin’ to keep his balance by feel
Reachin’ for the sky with chalk and wheels

© 2015 Michael Henchman