Near and Far - EP

Michael Henchman

Michael Henchman's latest EP is a mostly-acoustic project, continuing to explore characters finding their way along wayward paths.... the sweetness of finally coming home; being free yet not free of love; hard times on the prairie; stepping into a larger life after loss of a parent. He paints both the tangible and the intangible - what is perceived directly and what is laid across a wider cinematic landscape - in his ongoing fascination with far horizons and how the heart becomes entangled by time and distance; with what is both near and far.

"It is often in quieter places that what is true and real becomes more apparent; one can feel the unbroken connection to the pulse of life, " he says. "For those of us who write songs, ponder, seek the Muse, and write some more, it is a formative wellspring."

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