1. Indiana Road

From the recording Near and Far - EP



Five hundred foot radio tower on this Indiana road
Belting out its signal near and far
I’m hanging on to every last word of that lonesome song
Mandolin and fiddle, pedal steel guitar

Out on a dusty hill, church is going up
Trusses stand like bleached bones, drying in wind
How can something new seem to be so old?
How can something familiar be a place you never been?

I’m coming home to you, got a long way to go
But I see your smile in everything around
Counting down red silos on this Indiana road
And passing through these quiet country towns
There’s nothing like being homeward bound

Trees warding the highway, broken by last year’s storm
Lives have been uprooted, there are still some who mourn
But there is hope, new bright smiles, in that devastation
People shoulder up, pull together, find salvation


I can almost see you now, by our blue kitchen door
Garden gloves set aside, meadows full of grace
And yellow summer dresses, fresh with your sweetness
Evening settles in to warm embrace


And I’m coming’ home to you
On this Indiana road

© 2015 Michael Henchman