1. Livin' It Up

From the recording Near and Far - EP



You’re out on the street now, feeling fine
Love turned you loose for the very last time
Swear that you’re never gonna go there again
Who needs the heartbreak, fair weather friends

So many people with their hearts on the line
Don’t see it comin’ when it sneaks up behind
No way to hide it, no way to pretend
Out there wonderin’ just where you’ve been

Livin’ it up, livin’ it down
When love just can’t be found
Livin’ it up, livin’ it down
What comes and goes around
Livin’ it up

Just let it go, it’s your time to shine
Freedom flag is up there, flyin’ so high
Just like mighty trees have to bend
Better than breakin’ down in the wind



Throw down your gloves in that dust
Kick up your heels, there’s a blue bird above
Now you got time to figure it out
Leapin’ into life, finally unbound


© 2015 Michael Henchman