From the recording Near and Far - EP



She walks alone on that evening road
So many miles on those shoes
Sun is low, and the fields sing
A sound that brings some peace

Last year her mama passed away
The only lighthouse that she knew
Now the boat is loose but the rope’s held fast
And she longs for some release

Into the void, she takes that first big step
Never knew how deep it goes
She's reaching out beyond herself
But it's too big, it's too far
How can anyone still hold on?

The corn is gone and the hay is in
And there's still so much to do
She thinks about how the seasons change
It’s life that does not cease

What came before cannot follow on
It hurts the heart so true
A bitter cup that’s supposed to heal
But it seems like such caprice

And she’s going far this time
Gonna find her way back home
Fire and rain often feel the same
On that holy distant path

She looks up, sees the birds turn south
They know just where to go
Long journey in the air ahead
Their wings are what she needs


©2013 Michael Henchman